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We’ve been creating
achievements since 1986

In 1986, a group of enterprising Filipinos ventured to trade various raw materials within the mining, foundry and steel industries. This group of Filipinos (fresh from their respective experiences in various fields of endeavors, particularly in the mining, foundry, construction and fabrication as well as financial and accounting) invited a few other incorporators to join them in creating the corporation, REXOR AND COMPANY, INCORPORATED.

The company was established in February 12, 1986 and duly registered with the Securities and Exhange Commission under registry number 131093. Recently REXOR marked its 38th year of operations with a good measure of SUCCESS!

What came between 1986 and 2024 was 38 years of hardwork, success and failures, triumphs and setbacks, and all others that go into the building of a company. The combined knowledge, experience and commitment of its people are confirmed by the achievements that today, REXOR takes pride since its birth in 1986.

REXOR'S ultimate objectives are, first, to establish an honorable credit standing with its principal suppliers, and second, gain a reputation to its present and prospective clientele as a very reliable and regular source of the highest possible quality standard products in the market.

With this in mind, REXOR then planned and executed an aggressive, effective and systematic marketing program to ensure its visibility in the industry and attain the following :

  • • Initial capital investment of P200,000.00 grew to a recorded authorized capital of P100,000,000.00
  • • From its initial clientele of 3 major companies, it now serves 65 other companies

REXOR has an excellent record stretching over three decades of reliability in the dispatch of alloys and industrial chemicals to domestic customers throughout the archipelago. At present, REXOR views the challenge of the future with confidence and desire to assist its customers in every possible way.


We are committed to EXCELLENCE. We believe this is the key which will open doors for us so that our full potential as people and as a trading firm may be realized and our business and service goals achieved. Many things have changed in the last 38 years. But through it all our commitment to excellence has remained faithful to the convictions of our ESSENCE VALUES. These values are the guiding spirit in our everyday work. They determine whether or not we are doing our job the way Rexorians should. They are our standards and to us they are a challenge.


  • Customer Satisfaction

    We believe that it is only the customer who can make us grow and prosper. With his patronage, there is no limit to our reach. It is the Company's objective to gain a reputation to its present and prospective clients as a very reliable and regular source of the highest possible quality standard products in the market. We believe that our success should come from our ability to satisfy our customers with the warmth and competence with which they are delivered. We have been truly inspired by our customers' continued support throughout all these years and we hope we can strengthen this bond as we move on to our next year of service. Without him, we have no business, no jobs, no reason for existence.
  • Principal Suppliers Trust

    To establish an honorable credit standing with the Company's principal suppliers is our second objective. REXOR always persists in the principles of mutual benefits, honoring contracts and keeping reputation to develop trade relations extensively. In this way, the Company can plan and execute an agressive, effective and systematic marketing program to ensure its visibility in the industry.
  • Teamwork and Efficiency

    Our Company operates as a body, with each part contributing its best for the good of the whole. We emphasize the need to do things well, at the least cost and with maximum results. It practices a participative style of management in which employees are involved in decision-making, encouraged to show initiative and, in general, urged to pursue excellence in everything they do.
  • Personnel Well-being

    Our most important resource are our people. The Company, therefore, makes sure that all employees are adequately compensated. But more than just meeting the basic needs, the Company is concerned with career advancement and growth in all areas of our personality. REXOR is an equal oppurtunity employer and strong emphasis is placed on upgrading the skills of its employees. It regards its extensive training programmes as an investment in the future, and the Company's commitment to its employees is continuing. This way our Company helps each one realize one's full potential.
  • Where we are going

    We intend to build on the foundations that have been laid, realize the maximum potential for all the company assets, and continue to search for profitable opportunities within the line of our business. One might say the statements are too much for a small-sized trading firm to make. However, we have a deeper understanding of leadership. For us, it means more than just the size.

    It also means being better than other trading firms in terms of:

    SERVICE - The quality of our service is the very trademark of our company. Our entire organization is committed to personal service for its customers.
    PRODUCTS - Companies rely on us because our products are more effective and consistent in terms of quality. Our sales force work with each client on an individual basis, identifying his unique needs and problems.
    The direction for REXOR AND COMPANY, INC. tomorrow is very clear and well-defined. Its objective of providing the best level of service both to its suppliers and customers, and to its people remains the cornerstone of its growth philosophy.

Our Services

steel mill and foundry

Ferro Alloys & Supplies
for Steel Mill & Foundry

Steel Mills manufacture steel, mostly from scrap metals or in smaller quantities from iron ore. Foundries produce cast parts made from steel by heating the metal into a liquid and pouring the metal into a mold.

Mining and industrial chemicals

Mining & Industrial Chemicals

Mining: Extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually from an ore body, lode, vein, seam, reef or placer deposit.

grinding media

Grinding Media (Balls & Rods)

Grinding media, made from carbon steel infused with various chemical elements to impart excellent hardness properties, are the means to grind material inside mills (i.e. Ball & SAG mills). In the mining industry, the grinding media used are commonly in the form of balls but sometimes take the shape of rods as well.

Refractory products

Refractory Products for Steel Mill,
Cement Making, & Foundry

The main purpose of refractory material is to contain the heat generated by burning of the fuel in the furnace and to minimise heat losses from the furnace. It is therefore important that these materials have insulating properties and are able to withstand high temperatures.

Graphite electrodes

Graphite Electrodes &
Carbon Additives

Graphite electrodes are used primarily in electric arc furnace steel manufacturing.

Carbon additive is a product that is added to molten steel.

chromite sand

Chromite Sand & Silica Sand

Chromite-rich sand is a source of chromite, a mineral, from which chromium metal is obtained. Chromium is primarily used as a coating on metal— termed chrome—deposited electrochemically, to protect it from rust and for decorative purposes.

Industrial silica is used in a vast array of industries, the main ones being the glass, foundries, construction, ceramics, and the chemical industry.

refractory coating

Refractory Coating &
Chemical Consumables for Foundry

Refractory Coating
Provides a complete range of refractory coatings to meet all of your foundry needs. Refractory coatings are used on molds and cores to enhance the surface finish of the casting and reduce casting defects which occur at the sand-metal interface.

Chemical Consumables for Foundry
Foundry Chemicals key strengths, which have contributed to its success to date.

Major Products

primary metal
Primary Metal & Alloy Ingots

Alloy ingots

  • Nickel
  • Pig Iron
  • Tin Ingot
  • Lead Ingot
  • Aluminum Ingot
  • Zinc Ingot
  • Antimony Ingot
  • Bronze Ingot
  • ferro alloys
    Ferro Alloys

    Ferro alloys

  • Ferro-Molybdenum
  • Ferro-Vanadium
  • Ferro-Titanium
  • BULK
  • Ferro-Chrome
  • Ferro-Manganese
  • Ferro-Silicon
  • Silico-Manganese
  • Calcium Silicon
  • Industrial supplies
    Mining / Industrial Supplies

    Mining / Industrial Supplies

  • Grinding Media
  • Lead Nitrate
  • Sodium Cyanide
  • Sodium Metabisulfite
  • Xanthates & MIBC
  • Caustic Soda
  • Copper Sulfate
  • Sodium Sulfate
  • Zinc Sulfate
  • steel mill
    Steel Mill / High-temp

    Steel Mill / High-temp. Operation

  • Graphite Electrode
  • Carbon Additives
  • Refractories:
    • - Bricks
    • - Monolithics
    • - Mortars
    • - Flow Control
  • Dead Burnt Magnesite
  • Thermocouple Tips
  • Olivine Sand
  • Fluorspar
  • Slag Conditioner
  • foundry supplies
    Foundry Supplies

    Foundry Supplies

  • Silica Sand -
    (Vietnam & Australia Origin)
  • Chromite Sand (S. African)
  • Carbon Raiser
  • Bentonite
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Nodulizer
  • Mold Coatings
  • Chemical Binders
  • Crucible
  • Degasser and Fluxes
  • Pyrometer
  • CE Meter
  • Corporate Team.

    Chairman & CEO:
    Romeo N. Tongol
    EVP & Treasurer:
    Renato P. Ortañez
    General Manager:
    Wilfredo P. Medina
    Exec. Secretary:
    Louienita T. Tancioco
    Sales & Marketing:
    Johnny G. Aguirre
    Jerrick B. Dizon
    Olive A. Baltazar
    Mary Joyce S. Reyes

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