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In 1986, a group of enterprising Filipinos ventured to trade various raw materials within the mining, foundry and steel industries. This group of Filipinos (fresh from their respective experiences in various fields of endeavors, particularly in the mining, foundry, construction and fabrication as well as financial and accounting) invited a few other incorporators to join them in creating the corporation, REXOR AND COMPANY, INCORPORATED.
The company was established in February 12, 1986 and duly registered with the Securities and Exhange Commission under registry number 131093. Recently REXOR marked its 33rd year of operations with a good measure of SUCCESS!
What came between 1986 and 2019 was 33 years of hardwork, success and failures, triumphs and setbacks, and all others that go into the building of a company. The combined knowledge, experience and commitment of its people are confirmed by the achievements that today, REXOR takes pride since its birth in 1986.
REXOR'S ultimate objectives are, first, to establish an honorable credit standing with its principal suppliers, and second, gain a reputation to its present and prospective clientele as a very reliable and regular source of the highest possible quality standard products in the market.
With this in mind, REXOR then planned and executed an aggressive, effective and systematic marketing program to ensure its visibility in the industry and attain the following :
Initial capital investment of P200,000.00 grew to a recorded authorized capital of P100,000,000.00
From its initial clientele of 3 major companies, it now serves 65 other companies
REXOR has an excellent record stretching over three decades of reliability in the dispatch of alloys and industrial chemicals to domestic customers throughout the archipelago. At present, REXOR views the challenge of the future with confidence and desire to assist its customers in every possible way.
Through a strategic network of domestic and overseas principals / suppliers in U.S.A., Australia, South Africa, Europe & Asia and established marketing and distribution relationships diligently built up over the years, REXOR is able to provide its customers with a wide range of consistent quality materials and competitive prices for their manufacturing operations. REXOR'S geographic growth has also been accompanied by a significant expansion of products and services.

All these achievements are results of tireless efforts of REXOR'S management and personnel to pursue the company's objectives and its social responsibility to the business community.

Inspite of REXOR'S many achievements and tremendous growth, market demand still prevails on the company to search for the resources to meet the requirements of the industry it is committed to serve.

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